Tony Carey’s Occult Journey with Rainbow: A Rock Odyssey

Unveiling the Mysteries of Rainbow Rising and Its Occult Intrigues

In the annals of rock history, Rainbow is a name that resonates with a sense of mystique and musical grandeur. At the helm of this legendary band were the iconic Ritchie Blackmore and the incomparable Ronnie James Dio. However, what many may not know is the intriguing backstory of Rainbow and the occult undertones that surrounded its inception. In this article, we delve into the experiences of Tony Carey, the keyboard virtuoso who joined Rainbow during its “Rising” era, shedding light on the mystical journey he embarked upon.

Unveiling the Occult Secrets

Tony Carey’s Remarkable Encounter with the Supernatural

It all began in Hollywood, where Tony Carey was at the peak of his musical career. Ritchie Blackmore, the enigmatic guitarist behind Deep Purple and now the mastermind of Rainbow, was deeply engrossed in occult practices. Seances with Ouija boards and eerie rituals were becoming part of the band’s routine, creating an atmosphere fraught with danger and fear. As Tony Carey recounts, this unsettling turn of events pushed him to consider leaving his current musical path. It was in this moment of uncertainty that fate intervened. While rehearsing at Sir Studios in Hollywood, Tony’s Hammond organ playing caught Blackmore’s attention from two doors away. He was soon approached with an invitation to audition for Rainbow.

A Fateful Audition and a New Chapter Begins

Tony Carey, a musician not previously associated with hard rock music, found himself in an unexpected position. With his previous band facing political turmoil and an uncertain future, he accepted Blackmore’s offer to join Rainbow. The chemistry between the band members was electric, with Tony’s keyboard artistry complementing the skills of Cozy Powell, Jimmy Bain, and the powerhouse vocals of Ronnie James Dio. While Tony had never ventured into hard rock before, he understood the intricate balance required – a fusion of classical elements with raw power.

Rainbow’s iconic album “Rising” was recorded at Musicland Studios in Munich in a remarkably short span, a testament to the harmonious collaboration among the band members. Surprisingly, Ritchie Blackmore’s guidance was more about artistic freedom than dictating musical notes, allowing Tony to flourish in his own unique style.

The Musical Alchemy of “Rainbow Rising”

A Creative Process Like No Other

Rainbow Rising, the album that resulted from this collaboration, remains a timeless masterpiece in the annals of rock music. Its enduring popularity even after nearly 50 years is a testament to the magic created during those recording sessions. Tony Carey’s distinctive keyboard intro on “Tarot Woman” set the stage for a journey into the unknown. It was a moment of musical improvisation and creativity, a hallmark of Rainbow’s live performances.

The album was not without its challenges, especially in capturing Tony’s improvised keyboard work, but the effort was well worth it. Rainbow Rising solidified its place in rock history, largely due to the exceptional talents and collaborative spirit of its members. Cozy Powell’s thunderous drumming, Jimmy Bain’s melodic basslines, and Ronnie James Dio’s powerful vocals were the perfect backdrop for Blackmore’s searing guitar work and Tony Carey’s atmospheric keyboard textures.

The Making of “Stargazer” – A Magnum Opus

One of the standout tracks on Rainbow Rising is undoubtedly “Stargazer.” This epic composition showcased the band’s musical prowess and Tony Carey’s ability to weave a sonic tapestry. The song’s lyrical themes of ambition and the pursuit of greatness mirrored the band’s own journey at the time.

The recording process for “Stargazer” was a testament to the band’s dedication to their craft. Tony Carey and the band members tirelessly worked to create the symphonic soundscapes that would define the song. Ronnie James Dio’s vocal performance on “Stargazer” is considered one of the greatest in rock history, and it elevated the track to legendary status.

The Legacy of Rainbow Rising

A Timeless Masterpiece and Tony Carey’s Musical Odyssey

In the wake of Rainbow Rising’s release, the band embarked on a tour that showcased their musical prowess and stage presence. Tony Carey’s keyboard wizardry added a new dimension to Rainbow’s live performances, captivating audiences worldwide. Rainbow Rising had cemented its place in rock history, and Tony Carey was an integral part of that legacy.

In conclusion, Tony Carey’s time with Rainbow was an odyssey marked by musical alchemy and occult intrigue. The band’s fusion of rock, classical, and mysticism produced an album that continues to captivate audiences. Despite the challenges and the eventual departure, Tony Carey’s contribution to Rainbow Rising remains an indelible part of rock history. His keyboard artistry, combined with the talents of his fellow band members, created a musical legacy that transcends time and genre, making Rainbow Rising a timeless masterpiece.